Contingent Cargo

Contingent Cargo and Freight Liability is designed to respond to the “legal” liability incurred under law by a domestic Freight Broker. “Duty to Defend” and in many cases the policy deductible does not apply to defense cost while attorney fees are paid from 1st dollar. Fisher Insurance has access to Carriers who work with some of the most experienced attorneys in the country who specialize in representing Domestic Freight Brokerage operations.

While Freight Liability covers “other” financial perils that occur beyond liability to the cargo such as pollution cleanup expense/fines, libel and slander, fraud by an employee and fines arising from a breach of law or regulation relating to the movement of freight – Broad Form Contingent Cargo Insurance responds when a Freight Broker agrees to assume responsibility for cargo loss or damage that a motor carrier fails to pay. Often times contracts indicate that Freight Broker will assume responsibility for a cargo claim should the trucker fail to pay for loss or damage associated with the freight.

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